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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The real enemy

There’s all these articles lately about how the Baby Boomers ruined everything. I guess it’s a backlash from blaming the Millennials for the ills of the world.

When I read what the Boomers supposedly did to ruin things, I realize I didn’t do or support the vast majority of those things. In fact, many of them I opposed. Then there’s the fact I sorta lived like a hippie most of my life. That’s a weird thing for a professional firefighter to do, but that’s what happened. I never fit comfortably in any particular box. In short, my lovely wife and I are not your typical Baby Boomers.

To be fair, I’m pretty sure the vast majority of the Millennials are not responsible for “killing” things. Their biggest “crime” is not having enough money. Blame the older generations for that. No, blame the thin slice of the older generations that actually control what happens.

In fact, the whole blame game concerning which generation ruined what is a red herring. It’s rule by divide and conquer. It’s just like when the owner class pits the middle class against the poor, black against white, or even religion against religion. While us underlings are squabbling among ourselves, the ruling class keeps ruling. Of course, their biggest fear is that one day we’ll have had enough, band together and decorate some lamp poles.

This is not fear of those most of us consider rich. The small business owner who’s been able to put together a few million dollars is not the problem. The problem is with a class of people for whom millions are rounding errors. We are not even human beings to them. If a few million people have to die for them to make money, it’s no big deal.

They fear that one day we’ll see the wizard behind the curtain. Those people have have names and addresses. Most of the things we love are not dying. They are actively being killed . . . for money and power . . . by a handful of powerful people.

Go back to sleep now. Everything’s fine.



  1. lol - That' comforting. As you have probably read, the Rothschilds have financed every war (usually BOTH sides) since Napoleon. I think that sort of says who controls things.

  2. Thanks. I feel so comforted now that I can go back to not playing the game of mindless consumerism. The rich and powerful never asked me what I thought about anything.

    1. We don't exist to those people. Well, maybe in their nightmares. :)