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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Cooking with induction

I’ve been cooking with an induction cooktop for a couple months now and want to share my impressions. This is the particular model I’m using: Schönes Bauen Lyon Induction Cooktop Countertop Double Zone 1800W(120V)

When the weather is cool enough to use my wood cookstove, that’s what I use for cooking. During the warm months a regular old fashioned resistance electric cook top did the job. Since switching to induction there’s been a drop in my electric bill of about $25. I’ll have a better idea after a few months of use if that’s typical or if other factors helped dropped the bill.

Most of my cooking gear works just fine with induction. All my cast iron works great. The stainless steel items perform well, including my stainless steel coffee peculator. I suspected my copper bottom pan would not work and that’s been the case. That pan’s been moved over to my camping gear. One disappointment was my Presto 6 quart pressure cooker. Really thought that would work but it does not. Looking on Amazon I see there are pressure cookers designed to work with induction.

At first the device looked rather intimidating as it is an unusual technology. However, it didn’t take long to get used to it. One thing that I ended up using a lot more than expected was the timer feature. It’s easy to use so I use it. The timer is perfect for getting hard boiled eggs right and perking coffee.

Cleanup is quick and easy. Since the top itself doesn’t really heat up, food spills don’t have a chance to really burn onto the stove.

The reviews stated that the stovetop has a fair amount of fan noise. This is true. It’s said that if the stovetop is mounted in a counter top the noise is lessened quite a bit. Frankly, it’s not too big of a deal with me so there are no current plans to permanently install it.

All in all I’m pretty pleased with induction.



  1. I have an induction cooker, but I don't use it much. Guess I should start.

    1. It does appear to save me some money and heats fairly quickly.