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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

So Much for Peace and Quiet

There’s a crew tearing up the road right next to my house. It’s loud, the house shakes, and I can barely hear myself think. My lovely wife’s car had to be moved down the road so it wouldn’t get blocked in. For the last couple of years the town has been trying find the funds to rebuild the road. Looks like they are doing it now.

It’s not like the road doesn’t need it. While it was paved, there never was a proper base laid down. The job was so poorly done that occasionally tree stumps would pop through the tar. Last winter it was pothole city.

The weather has been fairly nice so I wanted to get some outside painting done. That’s not going to happen while the road crews are stirring up dust. One of projects was to get the boat out of the lake, but it would be difficult to get my boat trailer past the construction. Some things are just going to wait.

Today’s plan is move my operation down to a local coffee shop. Might as well try and sort out my electronic issues in a calm and quiet place. The hot coffee will not hurt either.