Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Well that silliness is over

As a prepper I’m all about helping people deal with threats. Usually it’s things like how to keep sheltered, safe, and to have the basics to sustain life. Part of that is being able to do proper threat assessment. If you live on the Gulf of Mexico, you probably should be thinking of prepping for hurricanes rather than blizzards.

Recently it’s come to my attention that a lot of people have a poor grasp of reality. Some of you really have to work on that. I’m genuinely concerned. Followers of Q come to mind. How many times do Q predictions have to be wrong before you catch on? It’s like being in an abusive relationship.

Back in the real world we have President Biden. One of the main reasons he was elected was due to the poor covid response. He’s working on it. While there can be some debate about the methods of tackling the problem, at least he acknowledges there is a problem. It’s a small step but I’ll take it.

It took about only a few days for Biden to sign away most of the previous President’s decrees. The only way to have lasting policy is to have the House and Senate actually do their jobs and pass some solid bills. It could happen, but I’m not holding my breath.

Personally, I am pleased with the new emphasis on environmental concerns. We’ve only got one planet so we’d better take care of it. Don’t show me out of work coal miners or pipe line workers. Show me some solar and wind turbine installers. The old economy was killing us.

Anyway, what I’d like folks to do is to remain calm during the next few months. There will be some challenges. The vast majority of them will be happening well above our pay grades. Hunker down and don’t do anything crazy. Crazy doesn’t end well.


Thursday, January 7, 2021

Lock Him Up

Can we lock Trump up now? I would have been happy to let him go peacefully, but after his inciting an attack on the normal workings of Congress, it’s too much. His erratic actions are encouraging people to invoke the 25th amendment. Makes sense to me. Even though his term is almost up, his crazy hands are still on the levers of power.

If you still support him after yesterday, I can’t help you. Personally, I still have some faith in our democracy.