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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Camping tradition

My lovely wife and I just got back from camping on the coast of Maine. We’ve been going to the same campground since my kids were little, about the age of my grandkids. I would never have imagined that I’d be able to camp there with my grown daughters, their men, and my three grandkids.

I’m glad my wife and I had our own children when we were young. That way we can enjoy our grandkids before we are ancient.

The campground is still owned and operated by the same people. After all these years we’ve gotten to know each other. It’s nice feeling to be recognized and to be able to update each other on what’s gone on during the past year.

One of the things I like about his campground is that it’s got lots of open space. Many campgrounds cram as many sites on their property as possible. This place has open fields, big pine trees, and lots of room between sites.

People often ask me why I bother going camping when I live right on a lake. It’s partially because of a promise I made my wife when we got married. She was willing to live with me in the woods and hills if she could go to the ocean a couple times a year. Not only did I fall in love with a lovely lady, I also fell in love with the ocean.



  1. Sounds like you made a great deal. Glad you enjoyed your camping trip.

  2. Funny how the ocean seems to call to some of us. Funnier still how some are content to stand on damp sand and gaze out, while folks like you and I long to be out there on it. Conditions allowing, of course : )

  3. My wife and I caught each other gazing out over the water from time to time, checking out sailing conditions.