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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mother Nature holds the trump cards

The 5.8 Virgina earthquake is a little reminder. The natural world can foil the best laid plans of mice and men. I don’t think anyone’s plan for Tuesday was to get evacuated. Many were, especially in D. C..

Now on the west coast a 5. 8 earthquake impresses nobody. However, in an area where significant earthquakes are rare, it’s a different story. We aren’t used to earthquakes so our infrastructure isn’t built to withstand them. Damage appears to have been slight, but there is the potential for serious destruction had the quake been just a bit worse.

As if to drive the point home, now a hurricane is making its way up the east coast. It would take a near miracle for this storm not to create significant damage. At least with a hurricane, there’s some warning. This is just the sort of thing bug out bags are packed for.

We worry about politics, economics, and the other doings of men. All that gets shoved aside with just a little push from Mother Nature.

On a personal note, my lovely wife and I did some camping from Florida to South Carolina back in April. We fell in love with a lot of the different places along the coast. Looks like some of those places are in for a pounding. I hope the nice people of those areas take proper precautions. Back in April, we were but minutes ahead of tornadoes. Roads were being torn up behind us like in a bad action movie.

Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and all the other forces of nature remind me how insignificant my little human plans are in the face of Mother Nature’s whims.

Stay safe.



  1. You, too, Sixbears. Guess I slept through the quake. We've had them before here in GA. Looks like Mama Nature is showing us who is really in charge.

  2. My bug out vehicle is my motor-home and used it when Ike hit here. It was a huricane induced vacation. Actually enjoyed it if we were not worried about what was happening at home.

  3. Sixbears,Carolinas are beautiful! My ex and I moved to So. Carolina for a year it seems that wages down there for skilled maintenance men aren't the same as up here or I would still be there. Mother sure has a way of making mankind seem insignificant! Stay safe!