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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene

I’m somewhat amused to see storm track projections show the hurricane heading directly over me. Hurricanes don’t hit New England all that often.

There will be flooding. We will get some rain and wind. Trees will come down. Power will mostly likely get disrupted. Internet service might go out.

At 1300 feet elevation, flooding is not one of my major worries. I do have a dead hemlock tree no one’s been willing to cut down. It’s too close to the road and power lines. The storm just might remove it for me. I’ll have to make sure nothing is left within falling range of it. The solar electric battery bank will be topped off before the storm. As for losing the Internet -well it’s a good thing I stocked up on books to read.

Much of the storms fury will be exhausted on the mountains to the south of me. There will most likely be strong winds still, but my dome house is pretty aerodynamic.

I am concerned for friends and family along the coast. The storm surge could be a problem. My oldest daughter lives in the Boston region, and at a fairly low elevation. They might bug out. Hope they don’t wait until the last minute.

This is a serious hurricane. Most of the damage and problems will most likely be other places. That doesn’t mean we won’t have problems here in the Great North Woods. It’s good to be prepared. With some many high population areas in danger, any damage out in the rural areas will have to wait. That’s what’s happened in the past.

New England is about as prepared for a hurricane as we were for an earthquake.



  1. Ain't gonna be any more than what a nor'easter is like. In fact easier, cuz it's warmer.
    The biggest threat is the hype...

    The fact that the giant cess pool called NYC is being threatened causing all to panic.
    That place could use a good douching...

  2. Tally another one for Spud.

    Plenty of cold beer and a good ice chest, that's all you'll need : )

  3. Right now, a little after noon, it's raining like Noah was lied to. Not too windy yet. Lot of friends in the southern part of the state without power, but grid still up here. Worse is yet to come.

    Craig: I think I'm about out of beer. It's time to bring out the single malt sippin scotch.

  4. Came through earlier today. LOTS of rain, but only moderate winds. Supposedly the road on the other side of the hill is closed due to flooding. Might have to take a drive over there and take some pictures...

  5. The MSM videos look like my back yard here in Floriduh every day pretty much at 3 o'clock lol

    Seriously folks, teaches us to never build next to that nice little stream. Sometimes it gets rowdy....