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Friday, July 3, 2015

Car and tent test

What does one do after customizing an ambulance into a pretty darn good mini motor home? Leave it in the driveway and take the little economy car camping instead. There is method to my madness.

First and foremost, my lovely wife and I really do like tents. The weather forecast looks pretty good so we should be very comfortable. Had the weather looked rainy I'd have taken the converted van in a heartbeat. As much as we love tents, day after day of rain gets old. However, that doesn't look like a problem for this trip.

There are some advantages to taking a little car to the coast of Maine. Those coastal roads are narrow and twisty. It's also much much easier to park a tiny car in those cramped coastal towns.

This trip is also a test to if we can take the essentials in the car. Nothing like actually doing it see how it all sorts out. We are toying with the idea of leaving our van and boat home next winter. Instead we'd pack just the essentials and drive south. Once we get down there we'll go boat shopping. It might make more sense to keep in boat in Florida than to haul one thousands of miles on the road every winter.

Right now I've got most of the stuff for camping packed in the car. That includes the big inflatable two person Sea Eagle kayak. Some more clothes and a cooler and I'll be ready to go.

Hope to have some photos for everyone when we get back.



  1. Pack heavy show her you need that roof rack and storage box ! Make it her wish to.Tell her the extra room inside is for the dogs comfort. If that fails beg grovel and whine its worked before.:)

    1. Got the comfy camp chairs, her favorite walking stick, and the kayak paddles on the racks. (Once I get a good box made I can load more on the roof)

  2. There's nothing like having an extra option!

  3. I'd take the van. Sounds like a great piece of equipment. But I see the advantages to the smaller vehicle.

    1. Had a good time with the car and discovered I could carry more than enough. It was the perfect vehicle for narrow roads and tight traffic. Parking was a breeze. Turns out the site my wife booked would have been a bad choice for the van. Great for the tent, but even the car had to be parked at the very end of the site.