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Thursday, July 16, 2015

On the fringes.

Evolution happens on the fringes. There'll be some innocuous little critter getting by on the edge of an ecosystem. Then one day there is a change and the dominate species can no longer cope with the change. Suddenly that little speck on the edge of life finds they do just a bit better than everything else. Before long that critter dominates the new environment.

Physical evolution, on the human scale, is a slow process.

Human social evolution happens much much faster.

People will develop a new way of living. Just a few people at first, removed from the center of what's important. They are ignored. One day conditions are right for a change and the fringe society catches fire and dominates the world.

It could be a religion. Take a small community in the desert and Christianity appears then spreads around the world. Rinse, repeat and you've got Islam doing the same thing.

Take a small island nation of barbarians. A few changes later and we have the British Empire.

Someone tinkers around with a few radical ideas and before long we have the Industrial Revolution.

In more recent years: Physics was pretty much all sewn up in the late 19th century -except for a few pesky little insignificant problems that laid the foundations of Quantum Mechanics.

Here's where I think it gets really exciting. Now for the first time in History we have more people connected in more ways than ever before. There is so much potential for something from left field to take hold and thrive.

We have a lot of pressure right now on current social systems. Things are no longer working as well as they used to.

So I look for the odd, the strange and the weird. My light of inquiry shines in dark corners to see what's brewing out there. There's potential for something big to take off soon and I'd love to catch the show from the beginning.



  1. When you find it, keep your blog friends in the loop, if possible. Too many weird and scary things out there to try to take on by myself ...

  2. Nothing ever stays static or the same. Change happens all the time and everywhere. We can not stop it.

    1. If we are clever and lucky we can surf the wave of change.

  3. Jade Helm starts today.They might start catching us today. Cell phone and Internet are being droped in Texas, California and other hostile states.
    East Coast is always free and clear . That's where the power brokers live.