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Monday, July 20, 2015

Lazy days of summer storms

I'm just waiting for the thunderstorm to blow though. Wiring projects are on hold. I've been known to take chances in my life, but messing around with electricity when there's a chance of thunderstorms isn't one of them. It can wait.

Yesterday I did finally managed to get a little project on the van done. Last year I put a 105 watt solar panel on the roof to power the camper side of the van. It proved very useful as I could use power without worrying about draining the starting batteries. This year I installed a simple switch so I could charge the starting battery instead of the auxiliary battery. I won't have to worry about the starting battery slowly draining down while the van is parked.

This year we had a nesting pair of loons on the lake. They successfully hatched their eggs. Then an eagle came by and had a nice snack. "Protected" species are not protected from each other.

There are a few good things about thunderstorms. I'll be drinking coffee instead of mowing the lawn. Not only that, I'm way behind on good books to read. I love summer.



  1. Thunderstorms here too today. Cold front coming down through Ohio. Hot in the afternoon, now with frontal passage it's cool outside. It's a welcome change.

    1. The wet conditions gave me a chance to burn a lot of stuff in my fire pit. Had a veggie jug leak and soaked a lot of cardboard. Nasty. Glad it's gone.

  2. Good books are always a nice way to sit out a thunderstorm!

    1. You don't have to worry about lightning frying your computer if you are reading a book instead.