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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Dead Calm

My lovely wife and I trailer our sailboat out to a bigger lake. We were joined by my 8 year old granddaughter and an old friend of mine I've known all my life. Winds were light but we did sail sail about halfway across.

This is what the lake looked like just before becoming totally calm. This place is known for wind and I've never seen it completely die in the middle of the day.

My crew decided to go overboard for a swim.

While the sailing wasn't that great, the company was. Besides, we really didn't have to be anywhere. It was sunny, the company was good, and we had good food and drink. Sometimes life isn't about being anywhere or doing anything.

The little electric motor pushed us most of the way back. We did get a brief bit of decent sailing in at the end, but it was just a teaser for a half mile or so. In the end we motored to the boat launch. Once the boat was loaded on the trailer -that's when the wind came back. Men plan, the gods laugh.

All in all, not a bad day. My buddy is off to a gig in Hawaii and I probably won't see him until spring. My granddaughter is heading back to school. One has to enjoy the moments when one can.



  1. That's the kind of day that is all too rare. Good thing you had a motor, I don't think paddling is much fun.

    1. That's the kind of day I live for.

      The electric motor makes all the difference.

  2. Replies
    1. I like the electric and sail combination. Nice and quiet all around, allowing for good visits.


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