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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New Computer, finally

Well, I finally broke down and did it. I bought a new computer. For the the last few weeks I've been trying to write using a small Kindle tablet. The Bluetooth keyboard was a big help, but the teeny tiny text was starting to get to me. Writing a short blog post wasn't bad, but doing anything longer caused eye strain. Old eyes, what can I say?

It's nice to have a new computer, but it's also a huge pain. This is my first encounter with Windows 10. In a few days I'll have to figure out how to install Ubuntu Linux. Having the ability to duel boot a computer is nice. I like to do most of my work in Linux, but there are some programs that only run in Windows. For now my efforts are going into setting up the Windows side the way I want it.

This is another fairly inexpensive machine, a Acer Aspire R11. It's what they call a “Cloud Computer.” In short that means they saved money by putting in a small amount of memory. It appears to function like a cross between a laptop and a tablet. Memory space is “off site” somewhere in the mysterious cloud. Of course, no Internet connection, no memory.

The small memory capacity isn't all that big a deal anymore. I backed up all of my last computer on a little plug in USB drive. All I have to do is plug it in and I'm good to go. While I've found the cloud a convenient way to move files from one device to another, all my important stuff is backed up on devices in my physical possession.

For me computers are just a tool. The cheapest one that will do the job without falling apart is the one for me.



  1. I use the cloud to backup all my files. But, I still like to have a hard drive in my equipment. There's no logical reason to do so, I guess. Old habits die hard.

    I was re-reading a couple of books here lately about an Army helicopter pilot in Vietnam, called "Chicken Hawk" and the sequel, about after he got out of the Army and came back to the states. That was called "Chicken Hawk- Back in the World"

    I thought of you, because in the second book he bought a sailboat and really enjoyed it. Of course, he tried to sail it from some island in the Caribbean back to the States, loaded to the gunnels with pot, and got caught, but still...... Might be an income stream there, eh?

    Actually, when I got out an old service buddy offered me a job flying stolen light aircraft loaded with dope into cow pastures in South Florida , whence I was to put the plane down, the load of dope would be off loaded, and I would be compensated. I begged off, lacking the intestinal fortitude to trust this guy in a dark cow pasture at night. I was afraid he might pay me off with a bullet rather than a bundle. Opportunity knocks but once.

    1. My lovely wife and I have come across "square grouper" out in the Gulf. Left it right there. A "fishing boat" quickly came over and the three "fishermen" gave us the stink eye. Fast boat, three guys ramrod straight with high and tight haircuts and all new fishing clothes. "fishermen"

      No stomach for the folks on either side of the line.

    2. That would have been a very uncomfortable experience. People disappear at sea all the time.....

      That's definitely a crossfire to avoid.

    3. Sometimes dodging a bullet means dodging a bullet.

  2. PLEASE let us know how the conversion to Linux goes. I failed to follow my usual rule of buying a new cheap laptop just before a new version of Windows comes out. I didn't realize just how horrible Windows 10 is. I hope when the time comes I need a new laptop, I will be able to install Linux on it without too much trouble. (On a side note, how does Ubuntu compare with Red Hat?)

    1. I'm having difficulty loading Ubuntu from a USB memory stick. I hear it goes better with a DVD drive. Still poking around with it.

      I haven't used Red Hat. Ubuntu has been pretty good for me as the interface is pretty easy and there's a huge community that supports it.