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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Almost no Bahamas Trip

My lovely wife and I made it to the boat in plenty of time. When I came to fill out my papers I discovered my passport was missing. My first thought was that it fell out of my pocket at the restaurant bathroom. My keys and pocket change had fallen out when I used the stall. Could my passsport also had slipped out? It was dark in there and a black passport would be easy to miss.

It was an hour+ drive from the restaurant. There might be enough time to do the round trip before the boat left. However, I called them on the phone and they could not find it.

Next I asked the parking valets to check my car to see if it fell out of my pocket. The cars are parked off site so it took a while. When the guy came back he had my passport. They got a nice tip.

We had a nice dinner on the boat, went dancing, and caught a show. Later that night I climbed to the upper open decks to watch the ocean and feel like I was on a boat instead of in a hotel.

Entry into the Bahamas went smoothly. We hung put at the pool and beach until the room was ready.

Pretty decent room with a balcony.

WIFI is limited so photos will have to wait.



  1. All's well that ends well. May you and your wife enjoy a well-deserved cruise!

  2. Yeah, passport can be a tad important when traveling to foreign shores. Glad you had an honest rental car guy.
    Happy sails, even on someone else's boat ~

    1. Until my replacement drivers license comes in, it's also my only ID.

  3. Enjoy. Heading to Sanibel Island,FL to spend a week with my sister.

    1. Nice area. Just south of where we lost the boat.