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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Back from the Bahamas

My lovely wife and I are back from the Bahamas. After our little shipwreck incident we didn't have a lot of funds to do much of anything. However, it was a prepaid “inclusive” trip. They did hit us up for things like parking, bus rides, and other incidental fees. It was still pretty inexpensive, but mostly because we avoided spending money on side trips. After a couple months living on a sailboat we felt we didn't need to spend money to go look at dolphins.

Mostly we engaged in simple pleasures and recharged out batteries. We took full advantage of the views from our 6th floor balcony.

I played a little chess.

The ship had some nice hot tubs on the upper decks. We shared a hot tub under the moon and stars with some new friends. Not a bad way finish the trip.

We are currently back at my step-mom's here in Florida. I threw away another bag of gear that I'd hoped to salvage. No such luck. Even my “waterproof” GPS died. While it might have started out waterproof, the beating it took in a tossing boat did it no good at all.

We've some paperwork to deal with yet and there's mail on the way. Friends and family sent us some nifty care packages and those were very welcome. Things are coming together.

I'd left some camping gear at my step-mom's so we are thinking of doing some tenting before heading north.

It's all good.



  1. What a lovely place to unwind! Glad you enjoyed it - love the chess game!

  2. Not ALL captains know when to keep their cruise ship in port (as you heard). Glad you had a good time.

    1. Indeed we did. I must admit, my lovely wife made sure I had few worries on the trip so I let her take care of things and relaxed.