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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Odds and Ends

I dropped the veggie van at my favorite garage early in the morning. The vacuum pump had been slowly fading. Since it's what powers the brake assist it's fairly important. The job isn't terribly hard to do, but requires a couple specialized tools. One time the garage let me borrow the tools to fix a vacuum pump on my old truck, but I felt a bit bad about it after. I'd started the job not knowing how much of a pain the job would turn out to be without the proper equipment. My mechanic bailed me out that time. I felt a lot better about letting him do the job from start to finish this time.

The clean out of the diesel tank may have done the job. Sending unit filters were plugging after about 10 – 20 miles. It's been about 50 with no problems. Keeping my fingers crossed. Also, the veggie side of my fuel system has a brand new filter so that's running a lot better too. If one tank causes problems we should be able to continue on using the other one.

We are planning some remote lake trips in the near future and we need the van, as tow vehicle, sorted out. The boat has a new sail and it's even been insured. Liability for 12 months was less than $100 so it would be crazy not to get it. Insurance on the other boat saved me close to $10,000. (I'm surprised they still want to sell me insurance.)

Family and friends are keeping me busy. My lovely wife and I have been going to a lot of events, gatherings and parties. It's just felt good to reconnect with old friends and to meet new ones. As much as I'm comfortable living like a hermit in the woods, it's good to have connections to people. None of us are going through this world alone -even if we think we are.

In a recent Blog Harry Flashman pointed out the danger of conflict with China. I could have written a whole blog post about that alone, but Harry said it well enough. The danger there is real. Plenty of potential for things to get out of hand.

However, there's not a lot that I can personally do about China. All I can do is get my own house in order and hope for the best.



  1. Pick up a bottle of fuel dryer at the auto parts it comes in handy if water gets back in the tank. Have fun sailing watch for snags.

    1. I've some 911 fuel treatment in the van.

      I am having fun sailing, thank you.

  2. (I'm surprised they still want to sell me insurance)

    They probably figure you've already used up your Bad Juju and smooth sailing will likely be in your future. They want to make some of their spent money back.

    Have a great time sailing, I'll bet you are glad to be back on the water.

    1. I definitely am a water person. It's what I need to keep my head on straight.

  3. That last line describes all of us, Sixbears.

    1. There is only so much we can do on an individual level.

  4. OT, Good morning Sixbears.

    I might be heading up to Franconia to visit relatives. Do you have any recommendations for breakfast or pubs up your way? I might head up to Pittsburg or Dixville for a cruise.



    1. The Inn at Whitefield in Whitefield. Good food and drink in the bar.

      Sunday brunch in Gorham at Welches.

      There's a great little coffee shop and bookstore in Gorham NH next to McDonalds.

      Berlin Dairy Bar in Berlin.

      Sullivan's in Lancaster (pub w/food)

      Howard's in Colebrooke for homestyle cooking. Great old fashioned donuts.

      Have a great trip!

    2. Thanks. I'll check some of them out. Much appreciated:-)

  5. Yep, it is hard enough to get one's own house in order, so why take on something that you can't change anyway.