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Monday, June 6, 2016

Security and travel

Sometimes we don't realize how good we have it. There have been few times in History when people have been able to travel great distances in relative safety.

We like to think that's possible because of all the roads, trains, and airlines. That's what makes travel quicker and easier. The thing that really makes long distance travel possible is security. At one time a person took their chances going to the next town. Bandits lurked along what passed for roads. Now we can travel thousands of miles in relative safety.

Yes, there are places that are more dangerous than others, but overall the average person is safe. It's amazing that someone can travel across the vast distances of the US. In addition, a US passport allows one to enter almost every country in the world without a Visa. Many other countries have similar arrangements. That's simply amazing.

We can even travel to countries that we consider our rivals, like Russia and China. There may be some political tension, but the average person can still travel to those places.

The world has many conflicts, but we aren't in a world war. Count your blessings. Borders would shut pretty quickly.

It's bad enough that the Syrian refugee crisis has caused enough turmoil that Europe is considering closing its borders once again. That would be a great loss of freedom. Europeans love their travel.

I only wish I could travel more than I already do. Who knows how much longer these historically unique times will last? I hope to get a few more stamps in my passport in case the dark days ever come again.



  1. Replies
    1. I'm afraid you might be right. We'll miss freedom of movement when it's gone.

  2. You know I (had) traveled to the US often, from the 70s up to present. I have seen lots of changes in border security but the most chilling was returning to Canada by Car sometime around 2011, I used to be able to drive up to Canadian customs and go through, now there are US customs agents stopping you before you can get to the Canadian side, that's the Alberta crossings, don't know if that's everywhere now.By plane its not so but "they" already know who is going where and have approved by plane. Now "they" control your exit from your country. You may not be as free to travel as you think...just food for thought....I ofcourse fully support everything that makes us safer, and in no way mean this as criticism, only pointing out the great lengths hard working patriots go to for our much needed protection

    1. It will only get worse. I really hate running into border patrol 75 miles from the border.

      I miss the days of going into Canada without a passport, just a smile and a wave. Getting back to the US was and is a much less pleasant experience.

      Although, it went pretty good when coming back from the Bahamas by boat. Also helped that we were traveling with just one carry on bag each.