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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Trip to the hospital

Fortunately, it wasn't for me. I spent a very long day taking a friend of mine to his appointment at a major hospital several hours away.

Those big hospitals are a zoo. We went to one far wing of the place only to be told we had to be in a different wing right across the complex. Once we got there, we discovered the first place was wrong and that's actually where he had his first appointment.

Since my friend can only walk short distances I pushed him in one of the wheel chairs provided by the hospital. Only after crossing the complex a couple times did I discover one of the brakes was defective and dragging the whole time. That came as some relief to me as I thought I was just in terrible physical shape. With the brake fixed it wasn't bad at all.

Being in that hospital brought back memories . . . terrible terrible memories. I once came to in the surgical wing of that place with no idea how I got there. The first words I heard was: he's not a good candidate for surgery.

Say what? Yeah, bad memories, but at least this trip my buddy had good results. I'll put that in the good memory column.

It also helped that we had a yummy dinner at a decent Chinese place. On the final leg home we stopped for a drink at an Inn neither of us had been to in a long time. We were remembered and treated like royalty. The owner did not let us pay for our drinks. It was on the house. Nice.

In spite of dealing with the hospital, we had a pretty good day. We decided to do another road trip next week. This time it'll be a fun trip to places to we want to go, so that should be even better.



  1. It always amazes me how little people in hospitals really know. It's kinda scary when you think about it.

  2. i've been sent wrongly, not to a different wing, but to two different hospitals, belonging to the same entity, in different towns.
    really irritating.
    it isn't the technical people who are ignorant it is the clerical people.
    thank God, the medical people are still competent.

    enjoy your nonmedical day out!

    1. That sounds like it was no fun at all. Then they wonder why you are late.

      Looking forward to a play day.

  3. The very worst folks that get things wrong and screwed up are the billing people...

    1. I don't even want to start on that as I'd never stop.

  4. The hospital is the last resort.

    1. At least for me it is. After all, the place is full of sick people. Who knows what you'll catch there?