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Saturday, June 25, 2016

What comes next?

Britain voted to leave the EU. The Brexit campaign, against initial expectations, was a success. Now what? It's going to be a tangled mess. The politicians have their work cut out for them: everything from replacing EU laws to negotiating trade deals. Britain will really have to get its trade deals in order quickly. It's an island that lacks the resources to feed itself and produce the raw materials it needs.

It was an interesting vote. London was all for staying in. Scotland was heavily in the stay camp, as was Northern Ireland. I bet Scotland feels angry about not leaving Britain when they had the chance. Who knows, this might be what finally unites Ireland.

Stock markets took a tumble around the world. Let's see what happens on Monday. If after a weekend to contemplate the situation the markets continue to fall, then we have a problem. Right now the reaction is mostly emotional.

There is some speculation that other countries will consider leaving. For that reason the EU may try to make the British exit as painful as possible. At least there's been some talk in that direction. On the other hand, punishing a major trading partner might not be a great idea.

The EU was partly formed to prevent the squabbling between nations that had just produced two world wars. For all its many faults, the EU was successful at reducing barriers between peoples. That's no small accomplishment considering the history of Europe and the diversity of its citizens.

Almost nobody is talking about NATO. Will that alliance also be weakened? Time will tell.

I am surprised that Britain would be the first to leave. I was expecting Greece, but the politicians there do exactly the opposite of what the voters want. Italy, Spain, Portugal -those countries also are having issues so leaving might make sense. The Scandinavian countries may now start to wonder if membership is worth it. Their economies are relatively solid so they will be watching Britain closely to see how it goes.

Of course, I might be getting too “thinky” about the whole thing. From the rhetoric of the final campaign days it appears the vote came down to keeping brown colored refugees out. Finer points about membership were lost in all the noise.



  1. there were plenty of dark people in england when my mother was a little girl there [she is 91].
    it isn't the color. they want to keep out rapists , terrorists, and people who despise them but think they have the right to live on the english taxpayers.

  2. I'm with deb; I think it was mainly about immigration. Scotland and Ireland obviously haven't received their fair share of "immigrants,".....yet.

  3. First it was Brexit to bee soon followed by Grexit, Departugal, Frukoff, Czeckout, Oustria,Slovakoout, Latervia and Byegium....
    Its all good. EU needs UK more than UK needs EU. 150 million $ a week the UK pumps in to the EU, For what? so some unellected hack living high on the hog with mansions in Marseilles and Cannes can tell them what they have to do and what the can buy or sell? The greeks did not vote to leave yet cause they are still sucking off the teat big time. They will when it dries up. Most of western Europe will also pull out in due course. Then Turkey and Lebanon will be invited in to be soon followed by Iran, Irak, Mongolia and China. Pat Condel had it right.

    1. That is the way I see the situation as well. BTW love the exit names, epecially Czeckout and Departugal.

    2. I forgot, we will also soon see Spadios, Italeve, Swizout and Luxenbyebye. ;-)

  4. Interesting that it was the older generations that swung the vote. I'm acquainted with a few and they were tired of the influx of immigrants who lived off welfare and free housing without contributing anything to society.