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Monday, September 26, 2016

Visit from Texans and heavy lifting

My in-laws made the 2000 mile trip from Texas to New Hampshire. I pretty much ignored the Internet during their visit so as to enjoy their company while they were here. This trip is how they decided to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. Most of their grandkids are here in New England so we were all able to get together. We had meals, campfires, and even went to an outdoor concert. Good fun.

I've always gotten along with them. Maybe it didn't hurt that we always lived far enough apart so we never got on each other's nerves. They are good people.

My lovely wife went down with them to Massachusetts where they'll be catching a flight early in the morning. I stayed behind. A guy wanted to buy my old wood burning kitchen stove. Unfortunately, his buddies who were supposed to help him load the stove bailed on him. We moved it just the two of us.

Good thing I had a dolly and some heavy duty ramps. He had some strapping and a come along. Doors had to be removed. The deck needed some temporary reinforcement. It took some time but we got it loaded without any injuries. He'll have to figure out some way to unload it. Not my problem.

Lots of catching up to do now that my company is gone.



  1. what are you using to cook on now?


    1. I still have the stove I've posted pictures on this blog. Sold the old one. Had been using it as a summer kitchen stove. The stove wasn't air tight and had a small firebox. Okay for cooking, but not for heating.

  2. Always good to be able to get along with in in-laws. I was lucky that way, too, even when I got divorced.

  3. Hermit's Baby SisSeptember 27, 2016 at 9:30 AM

    Of course you got along with the in-laws, and they're good people - they're Texans! (grin)

    1. They weren't always Texans, but they sure do love it now.