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Monday, October 10, 2016

The mosquitoes move in

In a previous blog I mentioned that Hurricane Matthew might cause the Zika virus to spread. Sure enough, this article explains how that could happen.

In short, there are now more places for mosquitoes to breed. Doors and screens are damaged allowing mosquito entry. People don't have AC with the power out so they need outside ventilation. There are also more chances for infection as residents work outside to clean up the mess.

We've seen this before. Hurricane Katrina created conditions that encouraged the spread of the West Nile virus. Here we go again.

It appears there's about a three week window after the storm moves on. That's how long it takes for a new batch of mosquitoes to hatch. That gives folks a bit of time to take precautions.

When planning your storm kit it might be a good idea to include anti-mosquito measures. Make sure to have plenty of bug repellent and head nets. Mosquito bed net canopies are effective. Not only do they help prevent disease, you can get a good night's sleep instead of swatting bugs all night. Maybe even include spare window screening and the tools necessary to install it.

We fear creatures like alligators and bears, but it's the lowly mosquito that kills more people.



  1. IF your spending winter up here the giant fur bearing mosquitos that recently mutated you should have a loaded 12 gauge shotgun for protection

    have fun


    1. I knew I should have gotten something stronger for the 12 gauge than birdshot.

      Heck, one of the few big advantages of winter is the bug die off.

  2. Years ago I used to visit the Boudreau Herb Gardens just outside Mineral Wells, Texas. Joanne Boudreau was the Herb Lady of Mineral Wells and had a radio talk show in Weatherford. She always had a spray bottle with about half cheap vanilla (with no sugar in it) and half water. Now, we know Texas mosquitoes are huge. The vanilla kept the mosquitoes away. They hate it. It is non-toxic and it works for us since we moved up here 1/2 mile from the Red River. It also keeps those pesky gnats away. We take Nutribiotic grapefruit seed extract to keep infections at bay.

    1. I'll have to check out the vanilla thing. Thanks!

  3. It seems that the smaller the organism is, the more deadly it becomes. Think microscopic germs and toxins.

    1. Good point there Dizzy. Had not thought of it that way before, but it fits.