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Friday, October 14, 2016

When dreams turn into nightmares

Life on a boat is living the dream. Youtube is full of videos of people exploring sandy beaches, watching dolphins frolic, and drinking sundowners while watching another perfect sunset. Who would not want to live the life?

One of the Youtube channels I was following is: Sailing Miss Lonestar. They seemed to be a fun loving couple with a couple of kids. They started out on a powerboat then flew up to Maine to pick up a sailboat. Things did not go as planned. Long story short, they had an ugly breakup, and the kids are living with grandma.

This clip includes the part where the boat is repossessed:

Nobody wants to see dreams fall apart, but it does happen.

One of the glossed over parts of boat life is the number of alcoholics. There are people who's drinking was somewhat limited by the demands of a working life. Once they have time on their hands and fewer responsibilities the one drink in the evening becomes many. The drinking starts earlier and earlier in the day. There are boats anchored in harbors where the big draw is cheap rum.

Personally, I found I drank less while on a boat. Normally, I might have a few drinks a week. On a boat at anchor I was always aware that the boat was my responsibility. One drink was fine, but it would be dangerous to become impaired. Things happen out on the water: anchors drag, boats collide in the dark, people fall overboard, thunderstorms pop up out of nowhere -a skipper has to be ready.

I was talking to a couple that had been living together for a long time on a small boat. They had a pretty simple way of judging if a couple was going to make it as cruisers. If you are comfortable spending your time together in the same room at home, you'd probably do well in the small spaces of a boat. (the same goes for those who live the RV life) Couples who are used to spending most of their days apart tend to not do very well.

I think it was courageous for Sailing Miss Lonestar to keep posting. She got a lot of negative comments. People can learn from her and her husband's mistakes.

-or you can make the same mistakes yourself. Your choice.



  1. Sorry Sixbears, I don't think she is courageous for dumping her kids in California. If she loved the boating life as much as she talks about it, she should have obtained her Captain's license before she had kids. Totally irresponsible. Homeless, but I noticed she has her nails done. It could be a wonderful, exciting life for her and her children if she ever finally grows up before they do. Just my opinion.

    1. I thought she was courageous for posting even after her life went off the rails. It's not easy to show the world your mistakes. For me, she's a cautionary tale.

  2. "rum on the rocks" only valid when "boat lands on the rocks"

    and several large rums
    it makes feeding the fish easier when you sink with the new fish reef with your body

    and there be idiots always in cars, planes, and boats "drunk at the helm"



    1. Drinking while on a boat is little different than when behind the wheel of a car. Doesn't matter if you are at anchor or not.

  3. The strongest thing I drink is coffee, the blacker and stronger the better.

    1. That would be the really tough thing to give up. Booze I can live without.