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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Hot Showers

One of the best things about camping in an actual campground is hot showers. The Federal campgrounds we've been staying in the Ocala don't have a lot of things, but they have decent bath houses. For me, that makes it worth the price of admission.

Sure, the picnic tables and fire rings are nice too. The lantern hooks are handy. Having water within easy waking distance is nice. If, however, I had none of things and hot showers, I'd be pretty content. In fact, one campground we stayed at had noting at all in the primitive sites, but did have hot showers.

It's not that hard to hook up solar hot showers if camping way in the back country. More water has to be packed and it's one more thing to deal with. I haven't bothered with it this trip.

Getting by without grid power hasn't been too hard. The new refrigerator/cooler makes it even easier. It's nice to have cold stuff without hunting for ice all the time. We've stayed places without picnic tables but we've good folding chairs. I've even used to tailgate of the van as a seat while cooking on top of a wooden storage box. No problem.

There are times we've had to make do without showers or much water. Unscented baby wipes are a pretty good stop gap measure. At least I'm not afraid to be in public after a good wipe down. Still, a good hot shower is hard to beat.



  1. Having grown up with bathtubs and sponge baths, I'm a bit partial to showers myself.

  2. For me, civilization is hot showers and cold beers.