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Sunday, March 18, 2018

One Extreme to the Other

You never know what you'll get booking campsites on-line. We knew the place was remote, but we didn't know how remote. The park gate houses were unmanned. The road in looked so sketchy that we turned around.

My lovely wife spent 45 minutes trying to get hold of a human being who could tell us the road conditions. We were not even sure we were on the right road. It didn't help that the website said not to follow the GPS in certain areas of the park. Eventually, I decided to see if we could make it.

The road was rough in places, narrow, overgrown, and spots with deep soft sand. We made it to the campsite. It was out there. It had a large composting toilet and no showers. We've camped in worse areas. This site had a picnic table, raised tent area, graveled parking, and a fire ring. There was plenty of dry firewood lying around.

We were booked in for two nights. Unfortunately, my lovely wife woke up feeling ill. She suspects she might have gotten something bad at the restaurant we ate at the day before. Being sick out in the deep forest is not a fun thing. I made the command decision to book us into a hotel. The road out was worse than the road in. Good think I grew up driving on dirt roads. The van has good ground clearance and I needed every inch.

A little over an hour later we were booked into a decent hotel. My lovely wife took some meds and I tucked her into bed. Hopefully, she'll be feeling better in the morning.



  1. Must be working. She's on the mend.

  2. Always a bummer to be sick on the road. And you never know about the food in restaurants.

  3. She's doing better this morning. We are less than an hour away from our next camping spot -one with a decent bath house and with electric and water at the site.

  4. That campground sounds like it would be very, very private. May have been an interesting place to stay, but not when you or your wife are feeling sick.

    1. It was interesting, but my lovely wife's comfort was a major concern once she started to feel ill. Oh yeah, she also picked up a tick there and that just make her day.