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Monday, March 12, 2018

The Next 900 miles

My lovely wife and I will soon be planning our next 900 miles. We have some time booked in a campground in St. Augustine. We love that old city. How we get there could be interesting. Sure, we could drive straight through and be there in less than 24 hours. I've done that before.

The problem with a marathon drive is that I'm a zombie for the next day or two. Rather than enjoying our time in a nice area, I'd want to do nothing but sleep. So with that in mind we'll break the trip up into more manageable chunks. There are a lot of places to stop along that way -almost too many to choose from. However, we have a budget to consider, so our options are not unlimited. Finding places to stay can be surprisingly time consuming. It also eats up a lot of Internet data time. However, it's worth the effort.

This trip to Texas has given us a chance to connect with my lovely wife's family. I was able to sort out some other nagging issues. A big one was getting the 12 volt refrigerator/freezer. That should help us camp in a bit more comfort. Another issue was dealing with computer problems. Unfortunately, my little notebook computer cannot be easily converted over to Linux. That was a disappointment. Fortunately, I was able to resolve most of the problems that made Windows such a pain to use. Also picked up some memory sticks to back up the computer's memory.

In a few more days we should be resupplied and ready to hit the road.



  1. Take your time, rushing around on trips always ticks me off. Something my wife doesn't seem to be able to comprehend.
    It's like you said, it takes it out of you to the point all you want to do is fall down.
    Believe it or not, driving is stressful because you have to stay alert and are always on guard watching for road hazards and idiots. You are tense the whole time without realizing it.
    I hope the weather is cooperating for you, I'm sure you aren't missing the ice and snow anyway, right?

    1. It's darn nice not to be suffering through Northeaster snow storms right now.

      Driving is stressful, and I do almost all of it. It's gotten more dangerous in recent years as drivers are very distracted.

      We've figured out a good mix of places to stay along the way. Good to have some slack in the plan.

  2. go to the nearest library and use their internet time.

  3. Happy travels, Sixbears. Texas wishes you the best.