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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Storms and Tornadoes

We had a mostly quiet day at the campground. There were high winds, thunderstorm and tornado warnings. All we got was light rain and a little more wind. The worse of the storms passed on either side of us. We were on constant watch, but had we been ignorant of the danger the result would have been the same.

Once the danger was past my lovely wife and I drove into town for dinner. Afterwards we drove around the waterfront, checking out marinas and boats.

We have some days booked back in the Ocala. I love camping at those natural springs. The weather is supposed to be cooler but sunny. Of course, cooler is relative. Temperatures in the 60s beats the heck out of snowstorms back home.

The fourth Northeaster of the month has moved in. Travel up I-95 looks horrible. Good thing we don't have to be back there right now. Easter is on April Fools Day this year. That's not good. I guess we'd have to be fools to go home for Easter.

After our stint in the Ocala, we aren't sure where we'll be. Maybe we'll extend our stay out in the woods. That helps the budget as Federal campgrounds are less expensive. There's also the fact that there's not much to spend money on out there.

The new DC cooler/refrigerator seems to be working fine. Right now we are running mostly on grid power. It's handled a couple days off-grid. The real test of its efficiency will be when we are in the Federal campgrounds without grip power for a longer period of time.

All in all, things continue to go well. I'm glad my lovely wife has fully recovered from whatever it was that ailed her.



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  2. The news this morning said there was another storm moving into New England. You made the right decision to stay put in the warm south for a little longer.

    1. It would be tough to get home, even if I wanted to.

  3. Sounds like paradise. Anything is better than what were getting here. (Snow and cold)Although folks on the east coast are getting really hammered. I surely don't envy them. Stay safe. Glad the missus is better.