Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I was about 800 words into a blog post and the word processing program closed unexpectedly. Lovely. Don’t you just hate computers sometimes? Of course, I wouldn’t exactly be blogging with parchment and quill pen.

My “deal with computers patience” had already been used up. The old printer finally had to be replaced. It could be coaxed into producing a page or two, with much persuasion. No way would it deal with the 100 or so pages I needed to print.

On my day to day computer, the preferred operating system is Ubuntu Linux. I only use Windows for the one or two programs with no good Linux equivalent. The last couple of printers ran just fine in Ubuntu, so I didn’t give it much thought when I bought a new printer.

Or course, my new printer was not recognized. The drivers were missing. Now I could have worked around that, but I did something else instead. My version of Ubuntu was an older version. I’d put off downloading the newest version. At the very minimum, it would eat up a few hours of my time. At worse, it would turn my computer into a lifeless brick for a while.

The update actually when pretty much the way it was supposed to. Even better, when I plugged in the printer, it was instantly recognized. Soon my documents were printed.

I’m not really much of a computer geek. I just want to use them as tools. I only deal with computer stuff when I have to. Learning my way around these machines is self defense. Who can afford good technical help?



  1. Know the feeling - It's hard to get this old laptop even boot up. Usually I can work out a problem, but it takes such a looong time. Can't afford a new one, so I just have to chug along with this one. Very frustrating. I don't have the patience anymore.

    Phyllis (N/W Jersey)

  2. Sadly I'm an analog guy in a digital world. So much so I still do not understand what you just there a season open for the hunting of Ubuntu? How is one skinned? Are they tasty when fried?
    Time for my third cup of coffee.

    1. I still think the perfect point and click device is a handgun.

    2. Hmm... I've never really felt the need to shoot cute fuzzy creatures or harmless skeet, but Windows laptops, that sounds like a tempting target....