Friday, June 28, 2013

Test, blog deleted

Hi loyal readers!

Could someone please leave a comment to let me know the blog is visible.

For some strange reason it was deleted for a while.

Thank you.



  1. You're good to view from Kentuck'.

  2. You're good. Happened to me today too. When I hit the home button after leaving or reading comments it said 'doesn't exist.' Still does. I deleted my bookmark and hit it when I want to get back to my blog. Same if your log into Blogger dashboard.

  3. Thanks everyone! Good to know it's up and running again. Must be another one of Blogger's famous glitches.

  4. Read you loud and clear in Florida

  5. Your blog is reaching me down here in Cut & Shoot, TX.

  6. seeing you in very wet Michigan!

  7. seeing you in very wet Michigan!

  8. Wahoooo yep your on i got a asian date side bar when i pulled it up.Sixbear you pimpin for income now:}?

    1. Gary, this blog always has pimped for income, just not very effectively. :) It did bring enough money to build my boat, so that's a good thing.

  9. I am happy to let you know it is coming in loud and clear here in Vancouver your blog, when I don't read it for a couple of days, there is something wrong with me, you make my days..I get big kick out of the fact you drive a vehicle with old oil that has been used elsewhere talk about being a fine recycler. Gasoline is nearly $4.00 a gallon here, I ride, bike and walk everywhere I can, ride the bus for little money, biking is free and walking good for my type 2 diabetes, I find money and lots of stuff when I walk, found my neighbors cell phone and wallet, with paycheck in it, she put it on top of her car and sped to work, thanks to the good Lord I saw it and went to her hubs and gave it to him, he could get it to her pronto..find lots of coins and dollars left and right, it is a blessing to us..take care and happy summer!