Saturday, July 5, 2014

Lost day, party, and signed book

Sorry about not posting yesterday. I'd planned on being away for 2 days and it turned into three. Rain and wind brought on by the hurricane caused everything to get postponed a day. In spite of that it was a good trip and a great time.

My daughter moved her son's birthday party from Friday to Saturday. It was a wise move as the weather was much better and we had a great cookout.

On Thursday I helped a friend with a home construction project. My buddy surprised me with a very good bottle of single malt scotch. One can't say thank you much better than that. I took the van, in spite of the reoccurring fuel pump problems, as we had a lot of lumber to move. The van made the trip home, but started running rough the last few miles. I only hope there's enough left in it to drive it to the garage. The replacement pump should be in this coming week.

One very cool thing that happened to me in my travels is that I got to meet with the author, Patrick LeClerc. He signed a copy of his book, “In Every Clime and Place. It's a military Science Fiction story with a good plot that doesn't violate any known laws of physics. Good action and great characters.

Patrick will be at Reader Con next weekend in Burlington Mass.. He has a table in the dealer's room. If you happen to be in the area it might be worth checking out.

It's been a busy and exciting few days for me, but it's good to be back home.



  1. Never hurts to build some good karma. Glad you got to have a good party and didn't get too pounded with the hurricane!

    Thanks for the link to the book!

    1. Fun book!

      Only got some serious rain and thunderstorms, so it was a miss, and that's fine.