Thursday, November 19, 2015

Reverse snowbird

My lovely wife and I are somewhere on the road, doing the reverse snowbird. We are leaving warm and sunny Florida for frosty New Hampshire. The climate is cold but the people are warm.

We will spend Thanksgiving with family, wrap up dad's affairs, then head back south. Thank goodness we have an economical car and the price of gas is low.

I've been putting together a list of things to bring south for the new sailboat -everything from a third anchor to a travel guitar. With any luck we'll be back at the boat before marina fees eat us alive. Once we retrofit and provision we'll go anchor off a nice island somewhere and decompress. I've got a nice new pair of tinted reading glasses for books on the beach.

Our trip south back in September was hasty and unplanned, but dad needed us as soon as we could come down. The easiest thing to do was to get our mail forwarded to my dad's address. Since we were hanging around the house anyway we could deal with the mail as it came in.

Recently I've filled out paperwork to automate more of our finances. Just about everything else can be dealt with on-line. I've an ATT&T hotspot device that should allow me to connect to the Internet at most places we plan on sailing to this winter.

It's a plan.



  1. Be careful out there;the weather isn't getting any better.

    1. Rain almost the whole way home. Very tedious.

  2. Weather's weird, be careful. Safe journey.

  3. I can recommend two interesting books about travel:
    1. The Oregon Trail, A New American Journey, by
    Rinker Buck -- about two brothers who hitch two mules to a covered wagon to recreate the Oregon trail journey;

    2. River-Horse, the Logbook of a Boat Across America, by Heat Moon & William Lease -- about a sailor's determination to recreate a river journey used by early explorers.

    Both fascinating reads. Enjoy your trip.

  4. Have a safe trip home. Fill up in Jersey - gas it only $1.83

    1. Paid as little as $1.79.

      Did not even have to drive through Jersey. :)