Saturday, May 7, 2016


There's a guy down the road from me with a good sized speedboat. The name is, “Never Satisfied IV.” I suppose that if he had been satisfied with the first boat there wouldn't have been a II, III, and IV. Boats are like that, I guess.

As for me I've very happy to still have my 19 foot sailboat after losing the bigger one. For this year at least I plan on being satisfied with it. Better a small boat ready to sail than a hypothetical bigger boat.

The weather was great so I spent some quality time puttering around on the sailboat. It's still sitting on the trailer in my driveway, but not for much longer. Today I installed a new battery and sorted out some issues with the solar charging system. Like many electrical problems, in the end it boiled down to corroded connections. It was no big deal to sort out.

Last time I poked around in the cabin I noticed the old flares had just expired. Those have been replaced with new. The manual bilge pump is now on the boat, as are some new bumpers. The new main sail is not ready yet, but that can be replaced on the water.

Some grease for the trailer wheel bearings, tire pressure check, a new registration sticker, and it's ready to go in the water.

It will be very satisfying to get out on a sailboat again.



  1. My wife and I went to a marina and looked at a "pontoon boat" this week. I kind of liked it but I really wanted a houseboat. However, I agreed to stop planning on a houseboat or a big RV rig when we had our "what do we really want to do in retirement and what can we really afford" talk not long ago.

    1. . . . but you need a houseboat to live out Travis McGee fantasies.

  2. Some people are never satisfied until they have the biggest and greatest in everything. That includes boats, vehicles, homes, etc., etc.

    1. Enough is never enough. They aren't happy either.