Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Good weather for projects

The day started cold, but by the afternoon is was nice enough for outdoor projects. A friend had a half dozen of pallets to get rid of. The veggie van was set up for camping. It took about 20 minutes to roll up the mattress and to remove the tables. That gave me room to haul things. All the pallets fit in perfectly.

Re-configuring the van gave me a chance to see just what was left in there. Since the van had not been used all winter there was plenty of time to forget. I like to keep some emergency supplies in the van at all times. It has two camp stoves, cookware, chairs, a folding table, sleeping bags, a spare tent, saws, water and 60 freeze dried meals. There's everything needed for bugging out, including books and playing cards for entertainment.

Then I finally climbed inside the Oday 19 sailboat. Since my leg is still a bit gimpy I made sure to use a really good heavy duty stepladder to climb in. The new registration was swapped out with the old. The emergency gear is all there, and the flares are still good for another year. No cabin leakage was detected, only a small bit of normal condensation.

After that I installed the new battery and hooked it up to the solar panel. It's a great feeling when the charge controller lights came on all green, showing everything is working normally. There is only one thing left to do before launching it in the lake. The tiller spent the winter exposed to the elements and could use sanding and fresh varnish.

That can wait until tomorrow. Then maybe I can get back to my long neglected motorcycle project. That is, unless my wife asks me to do less fun projects like mowing the lawn.



  1. Looks like you have a handle on things. Hope you have a great summer.

    1. Thanks Momlady. I love summer in the North Country. Only problem is that it's too short.

  2. Best thing you could do with that KZ , is to trade it for a good enduro. That way you'll never be tempted to utilize the horsepower those beasts put out !
    No a good street legal dirt bike , is much more practical and fuel efficient too.

    Ya should be able to horse trade into a nice 250 four stroke ( ya might live longer too lol )

    1. That's a good idea. I've had the old bike over 120 years ago and didn't dare look at the speedometer to see how fast I actually was going. Pretty fast on a bike without even a windscreen . . . in moose country.

      An enduro would be great on all the dirt roads around here.

    2. Back when the KZ 900 came out, I was sponsored by the local Kawasaki shop , racing dirt bikes.
      They let me take a new one out for a spin. Thing only had all of three miles on it....I topped it out in fifth gear and held it there for a couple miles.
      The owners new well , what the crazy kid would do lol. They just wanted to know he fast the thing would go.
      Bout 133 or there bouts....:-)

    3. The previous owner put special race tires on the bike. Wore them out in a day. He wanted to make it a bit sticker on the corners as he followed the river road. Somehow that bike inspires craziness.

    4. At best early KZ's are monster motors, encased in very crappy frames and geometry. Not safe at speed lol