Thursday, December 7, 2017

Life on hard mode

Is life a game?

A good chess player will sometimes spot an opponent a pawn. That is, they give up one of their pieces before the game even begins, just to make it interesting. A really good player will spot a more important piece like a knight or a bishop.

I've seen right handed pool players play left handed. At the shooting range there are those who will use their off hand in competition.

Video game players have different levels of difficulty to chose from, everything from easy to hard.

Sometimes I think life is a game. Some days it's on easy mode. The challenges of the day are almost no challenges at all. Then there are days when it seems like the level of difficulty has been cranked all the way to hard. It's a struggle.

One thing about playing the life game on hard mode, you sure feel good when you win. Just like in a game, you don't really stretch your skills and talents on easy mode. Much of life is a matter of perspective. You can look at challenges as a change to really develop yourself rather than as a burden

Of course, nobody starts out as an expert. You have to develop your skills on easy mode first. That's why doing everything for you kids is a disservice. They never learn what they need to know when life suddenly switches to hard mode.

If life is a game, make sure to have fun, even if you have to play on hard mode.



  1. LOL - Seems like most of my life has been hard mode. I was hoping for a little of the easy mode in my old age!

    1. You should be due for a few easy wins by now.

  2. In the game of life you can never revert to an earlier save point. You can bend the rules here and there but if you get caught - Don't pass Go. Unless, of course, you have the unlock code - being born with a silver spoon (or getting the old school tie).
    This pawn has it interesting enough already without giving up an advantage...

    1. Maybe we get to reincarnate and get a redo. :)

  3. Replies
    1. True enough. Beats the heck out of the alternative.