Thursday, January 4, 2018

Traveling Daze

When this posts I should be somewhere on the road heading south. It might be difficult to keep up with the blog for a bit. Some of our camping spots will be way out in the middle of nowhere, in a land beyond wifi. I'll do my best to keep up.

Packing was a chore. Very hard to do things in the cold and snow. It took a good part of the afternoon Tuesday to start the van. Cold diesels do not like to start. It took some quality time with a heater and battery charger to coax it to life. The idea was that if it ran Tuesday, it might start better on Wednesday, our planned departure day.

The van has a lot of capacity, but we pack it to the gills anyway. There are days when I want to throw a tent, sleeping bag and a frying pan in the car and just go. Then again, after we are gone a few weeks the extra comforts are going to be nice. Of course, we are bringing some toys with us too.

I received a pretty decent drone for Christmas. Maybe I'll be able to get some aerial shots.

It's tough to leave family and friends behind. On the other hand, my poor damaged lungs prevent me from enjoying outside activity on cold days. Loading the van was enough to send me into coughing fits.

Oh well, we really have to go. The killer cold was the final nail in the coffin. The water supply line froze, and the woodstove ate fuel at over twice the normal rate. The oil furnace is due for service too; it had to be manually restarted a couple days ago. I'll call the heating guy when we get back. He won't be nearly as busy as he is right now.

Onward and southward. Eventually everything will thaw out.



  1. Good luck, it looks dodgy, so travel safe. I hope it warms up by the time you get to Florida.

  2. Bad time to be traveling, so be extra careful.

  3. Safe travels sir, hope the road to your destinations are kind to you.

  4. The weather on your way won't be so hot so please be careful. It's really cold here in GA.

  5. Glad to hear you made your "get away" from New Hampshire. As you know, people in the south don't know how to deal with ice and snow, so keep an eye out for the "crazies."

  6. I remember your last comment was when I stopped blogging. I'm doing a test run with a new post just to see if anyone shows up. So many have stopped blogging.