Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Keeping an Eye on the Weather

Just when I think it might be safe to head north early, a Northeaster storm moves in. Some years March is warm, but then the weather turns nasty in April.

I got fooled one year. My lovely wife and I went home during a warm March. We got home on a nice 60 degree day. That was the warmest day for the next six weeks or so. Not only did the lake stop thawing out, it refroze for a bit.

My daughter went over to my house to pick up a tool I had not had a chance to return to her husband. Felt a bit bad at that. She told me it looked like my house had been ransacked. Then, she said, she realized that's just how we left it. Thanks kid.

We left during nasty weather. Our water supply had frozen so for the last four days at home we had no cleaning water. That made everything harder. The house was not left in a neat and tidy manner. Frankly, we were glad to get out of there. It took four hours to start the diesel van.

On the bright side, the squirrels haven't moved in. That happened to us one year and they surely made a mess. They couldn't get into most of our food storage, but they ruined a lot of our spices.

I'm going to assume it's not going to be decent weather up north until sometime in April -not April first either, as I'm no fool.



  1. Of course you're keeping an eye on the weather. That's what sailors do matey !
    The backyard is always open , if'n ya need a safe harbor to kill some time...

    Floriduh, the place Yankees come to escape the ravages of old man winter. Some in fact, never leave !

    1. Thank you for the kind offer. Sooner or later we'll cross paths again.

  2. We had several days of beautiful weather here in North Georgia, then it turned wet, and now it's really cold. Supposed to have sleet tonight. I thought we were through with that for this year.

    1. It was in the low 40s here in TX and rose to the 50s. Should be warmer the next few days. It's still pretty pleasant. Sure beats the storm hitting back home.