Friday, August 24, 2018

Minor Setback

My lovely wife picked up a summer cold and over the worse of it in two days. I came down with it and it laid me out flat. Yeah, I'm not as tough as she is. I'll be lucky if I'm feeling close to normal in a week. When I catch a cold my damaged firefighter lungs remind me why I had to retire. It's just something I have to live with.

Convalescing in bed is about all I've been doing. That's pretty annoying with so many things I want to do. However, getting well is priority number one. One possibly useful thing I've been doing is reading books about the ICW, (Intra Coastal Waterway). That trip is still looking good.

The long range weather forecasts for the rest of hurricane season doesn't look too bad. Conditions in the Gulf of Mexico could produce some tropical storms or even hurricanes. However, they rarely have time to spin up into anything above a Cat 1 or 2. It's the storms that form off the coast of Africa and churn across the Atlantic that have time to build into monsters. Low air humidity and high wind sheer have greatly reduced the chance of that happening this season.

A good friend asked me what I would do in case of hurricane. If there was time it would be best to just have it pulled out of the water on a trailer. If that wasn't an option, I'd find the best protected spot I could locate, put out three anchors, and abandon the boat. If it's there when I get back, great. If not, it's just stuff. Never risk your life over property. Funny thing about hurricanes, you can have a totally secure boat, but then someone's boat lands right on top of it. You do your best and take your chances.

Well, I am making some progress. The last few days I've been feeling too ill to do anything, even to write a blog.



  1. Summer colds are the worst, especially if you have damaged lungs. Hope you get better sooner rather than later.

    1. One of my issues is that even after the cold is long gone, the cough remains. At that point I cough because my broncular tubes are raw from coughing. It's a bad cycle.

  2. I have never gotten over a cold as quickly as your wife did. What is her secrete?

    1. She has an over active immune system that causes fibromyalgia. While that disease is bad, her immune system absolutely destroys normal infections.