Sunday, September 27, 2020

Dash to the coast

My lovely wife and I took one last trip to the coast while the weather was good. I think the Portland Maine lighthouse is becoming one of favorite places to visit. It certainly helps that they allow dogs in the park.

We have friends in southern Maine and they are well set up for overnight company. They pitched a large canvas pavilion in their spacious backyard. For the convenience of guests there’s an outdoor comfort station in a separate small tent with a portapotty, sanitizer and a hand washing station. It makes it easy to socially distance.

They put on a good feed for us and we enjoyed an evening around the campfire. That’s the only time we’ve spent the night away since we came back from Florida in the spring. The weather was unusually mild and were lucky to be able to take advantage of it.

Currently we are at the peak of foliage season here in Northern New Hampshire. It’s been unusually dry and fire danger has been high. However, we are expecting about a week of rain that’s definitely needed. The overflow from my well has stopped flowing. That’s only happened once before in my memory. I went down to the well to upgrade the plumbing connection at the pump so it wouldn’t fail at an inconvenient time. That’s when I noticed the overflow had stopped, but fortunately the well is still full of water. It’s just a couple inches lower than normal.

A lot of people around here a dreading winter. I’m not going to worry about it. Attitude is everything. There is no bad weather, only bad clothes. With all the turmoil going on in the world, I’m kinda looking forward to being snowed in. Nobody riots during a blizzard.

It will be a time for good books while sitting by the fire.



  1. "Nobody riots during a blizzard." - Seems like I've read that before! - lol

  2. Winter is layering up time. We are just shedding the layers now and waiting for the last frost so the seedlings can go in. You are lucky to have a well - we only have the water from the roof. Thankfully it's better quality than any city tap water.

    1. I never take the well for granted. Having a water source so close to the house that can be accessed with a bucket is handy. Limits my need to store water.

  3. We too made an excursion to the beach. Kathy's younger brother passed her many sisters had a private memorial up at Ponce Inlet.
    Still keeping busy around the casa. Built an addition to the chicken coop. Two level affair with a roost above and nursery below.
    Finally got brave enough to visit the Doctors. It seems I've blown out one of the previous surgeries incisions. How do you say Hernia ? Pain lol
    Scheduled for surgery next Monday, but first must be tested for covid this coming Friday.
    Strange... I'm dreading the COVID test, more so than the surgery lol.

    1. My condolences to Kathy. Good luck with the tests and the surgery. Be well!