Saturday, April 20, 2024

Catching up

Sometimes your backup also fails. That was the situation for our cars. The Escape lost a wheel bearing at the same time the Nissan blew a clutch. First we got the Escape back. Today the garage finally got the right part for the Nissan and that’s back home too. We were not in any position to bug out anywhere or even do basic errands. 

Today I put a third vehicle on the road, my Honda PCX 150 motor scooter. It needed the battery installed, tires pumped up and fuel tank filled. The little beast started right up. The next thing it needs is an oil change but I’ve got everything to do that at home. 

We plan on having a few people over for a campfire. There are some nice dry maple branches that came down over the winter. All they need is a bit of work with the chainsaw. 

Normally I’d have done the oil change and chainsaw work but I have to pace myself. Spending a week in the hospital can take a lot out of a person. While my doctor is pleased with my progress he doesn’t want me to overdue it. In the past I’ve powered through but sometimes had to pay the price for being stubborn. That’s pretty much how I ended up in the hospital in the first place. 



  1. Powering trough and suffering later, a common theme in our lives.

    If the house is on fire, powering trough is the right thing. Otherwise pacing ourselves gives best results.

    Odd how we wait until it hurts before we figure it out.

    Glad to hear you're feeling better, and a scooter ride is nearby.

    1. I used to deal with houses literally being on fire so pushing through is second nature. It doesn't serve me anymore.

      Turns out it has to hurt multiple times before I wise up. Duh. I do get there eventually.

  2. How much more time before the first (insert music and cheers here) Scooter Ride?

    Meanwhile at the homestead critters have their needs, the spring cleaning of winters storm droppings and cleaning the house reigns supreme.

    I figure my ebike will be out and about in a week or so for a short run :-)

    1. I already made a short run. Only about 5 miles, but it counts. Today was about 10 degrees cooler than predicted. The cold wind blowing off the snow covered mountains make it feel like winter again.