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Friday, June 10, 2011

Back to the woods

Sixbears is back in his woods. I can feel the tension easing away.

Today will be a slow recovery day. My lovely wife is supposed to take it easy for a few days. I'm in healing mode myself. I missed a step off my daughter's deck in the dark and landed hard. The thumb on my right hand is bandaged up. Tore the skin off the end. Very annoying, to say the least. Pretty sure I also broke a toe on my left foot. There's not much the hospital can do for a bad toe except to limit its motion. I can do that myself without paying for an emergency room visit.

It's a good day for setting up my new netbook computer. It always takes time to get a new computer running the way I want it too. The first priority is to set up virus protection. I prefer AVG to anything that comes standard on a new machine. The free version does everything needed. The Explorer browser is the number one browser for downloading a better browser. On my old machine I'm using both Firefox and Opera.

The big change I'm making is to the operating system. I much prefer Ubuntu Linux for 99% of what I do. Currently downloading the most recent version of that. If it wasn't for being unable to run Netflix, I'd just wipe out the Microsoft operating system. As it is, the computer will be set up to boot in either operating system.

I'm not a real hardcore computer geek, but a computer is a tool. Like many tools, customizing it for my personal needs makes work that much easier.

Off to make the coffee. It's aways a better day with a good cup of coffee.



  1. I am ignorant when it comes to computer operating systems. The only two I have used are DOS and Windows. That is because they were the only ones that would run all my engineering programs. Just call me "dummy".

  2. Da only operating system that I recognize is, push a button and it comes on.
    Thank the stars for Geeky friends ha ha...
    Toes hurt, I recommend copious drugs mixed with adult beverages. Won't hurt then....

  3. so what kind of laptop or notebook did you buy?

    and what is your next injury going to be...?


  4. Hey Wildflower. Picked up an Acer Aspire. Liked the feel of the keyboard. Needed a travel computer.

    I have been getting a fair amount of nicks and dings lately. Let's give that a break.