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Sunday, June 12, 2011

When thugs and criminals meet

The Bilderbergers just had their little meeting. Now I’m not one of those people who think they rule the world with a master plan: no sparrow drops from the sky without them knowing about it or actually behind it. They aren’t that good.

They might wish they are. Some may even believe they are the puppet masters they are accused of being. I really don’t think they are that powerful.

That being said, when any group of rich and influential people get together, it’s not a good thing for the average Joe. They can screw up his life: make his savings go away, mess up his medical care, rob his pension, and send him and his kids to war.

Even if they were only up to doing what they thought was proper and good, they have no right to do it without our consent and in secret. Our rulers treat us like children. Daddy knows best.

How dare they?

We aren’t kids here. We have the ability and god given right to choose our own fate. They are worse than street thugs. The petty criminal only wants your money. The criminals in three piece suits want your money, but also your heart and soul. They can’t stand a free man.

They can’t rule over me. I’m slowly dropping further and further out of the system. The machine is losing its hold over me. Money doesn’t motivate me. Status doesn’t motivate me. Authority doesn’t impress me.

What if they had a war and nobody came? It’s a valid question.

What if they wanted you to work until you were 80, but you decided your’d rather chuck it all and live on the beach with a tent and a bicycle? Who believes the system will be there for you? Their carrots aren’t working. What will working for the man give you except an early death?

They still have their sticks, but they are not what they used to be. There never were enough police in the world to control everything. Social conventions and civil society did the heavy lifting. When those no longer hold, the cops can’t do it. Besides, the cops are being treated like crap too. Most cops are just working stiffs trying to hold onto some semblance of middle class life. They are getting laid off and losing their pensions too.

The army? Most of those guys aren’t even middle class anymore. As empires fall apart, armies suffer too. Read up on conditions in the Russian military after the USSR fell. They couldn’t even feed the troops. Desertions were common.

So the elite only really rule because regular sane people have better and more interesting things to do. Our attention is elsewhere. They meet in secret because they fear regular people. What does that say about them?

In short, they probably are up to no good, but if we all just ignore them, they’ll go away.



  1. You are correct sir.
    Learn to live simply,That you might simply live.

  2. Yeah those idiots couldn't run Paco's Roachcouch Tacos Y Tortas if forced too because they would undercut and fight each other all the time, never mind the entire planet.

    They get together to sort their disputes out quietly. I am willing to bet that is the whole point. And no it is probably not good for us when they get together because they have to game the system for die geld.

    You are also right in that they can be ignored. Though the worst thing is to be a success because they loath competition.

  3. their system was to spend like tomorrow on extended credit and instant gratification. that was their power then over us... now it is dying away revealing them for the aristocratic tyrants for all to see ....

    it was always a question on what you need to live by versus their recomendations...

    glad the fantasy world croaks and reveals the real world we all live on...

    the illusion of wealth crippled our futures well, now they must pay the piper and they are resisting that ...

    ah, see what they do next is predictable, draconian actions to preserve disney illusion at our expense and lives...

    resist suicide , be true to yourself, and live...
    the bastards in charge will hate you even more'''

    screw them....


  4. I've been saying "just ignore them" for years now. We are supposedly governed by our consent. So don't give consent! Uh oh, there I go with that "domestic terrorist" talk again. I sounded like a "sovereign citizen"! Call out the SWAT team...