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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Your Government’s Internet

Your Government’s Internet

The government doesn’t want to shut down the Internet. It does want to change it. Plenty of business takes place on the Internet. Big business wants that to continue. Governments listen to big business.

Expect some more controls on the Internet. Governments love control. That’s why they want an Internet kill switch. Being able to kill something is a powerful control. Another way to control something is to license it. Licenses do things that governments love: they gain information on who’s doing what, they get to collect fees, and they regulate what users can do.

No doubt it’ll be sold as a good thing. They’ll crack down on spam, viruses, porn, hate groups and their big favorite: terrorism. Haven’t we all heard stories about how children have been exploited. Terrorist use the Internet. Flash mobs have robbed and committed violence. The government can point to all kinds of abuses.

Yep, freedom is messy. While they are catching up all these bad things in their net, lots of others will get dragged in too: political opponents, alternative news sites that disagree with the main stream media, bloggers, preppers, survivalists, organic farmers -anyone not approved will be banned.

Governments are actively working toward stripping the Internet of anything that they perceive as a threat to the established order. It’s already happening. We see it most visibly in China, but the rest of the world won’t be far behind.

The Internet is a powerful tool for the little guy. He can get his information from a variety of sources, not just the approved outlets. It’s easy to communicate with others. It’s possible to share information about those who abuse power. Governments love to keep people in the dark. They are so much easier to control that way.

Keep an eye on how your government deals with the Internet. When they try to make it “safe” they really mean safe for them. We may have experienced the freest form of mass communication ever invented. Of course it’s under attack. Governments hate us for our freedom.



  1. when nothing is critized or allowed to be found false...

    the saheeple sleep peacefully under their gaurdians watch dogs

    blissfully then slaughtered while they sleeep

  2. How do we keep the internet free? Throw out all the existing politicians and elect "real" people to take their place.

  3. (S)elections are not the answer. All the "candidates" are pre-determined, vetted, groomed, given their marching orders upon arrival, and follow the directives given to them. Oh, they allow a few "rogues" like Ron Paul, to maintain the illusion that the (s)election process is free and open. But try to run for office yourself, and you'll find (via HUGE "entry fees" and such) that if you're not part of the establishment, your chances of even making the ballot are virtually nil... (S)elections are not the answer. They are just another part of a completely broken system that can't be fixed without tearing it down to the frame and starting over. The establishment is too deeply entrenched...

  4. They are scared shitless because some shmoe with some skills and time can dig up the dirt on them and put it out there for everyone to see.
    Assange is just one example out of thousands.

    It's all about accountability and transparency and they want no truck with that, as you said, it fucks with business as usual and that is the last thing those weasel rat bastards want.