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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Internet connections on the go

I’m on the road again, but just for the weekend. Wifi is pretty common these days, so most of the time I can find a signal to connect to. Usually I’m using a friend’s, family member’s or a business network like a coffee shop or a hotel. Once in a while I’ll use any unsecured network.

Just picked up an Alpfa network wifi adapter. A quick test showed triple the number of networks than the unamplified original equipment. For a test, I briefly connected to a few of them. I think this will be a useful tool for camping or while on the sailboat. It certainly increases the possibility of finding an unencrypted network.

Sure, it’s possible to get Internet though the cell phone system, but that’s one more monthly fee. If I am feeling rich, I might try one of those pay as you go plans.

Things have come a long way from the days when I used to get my e-mail over an acoustic coupler strapped to a pay phone. Anyone remember acoustic couplers? Heck, anyone remember pay phones?



  1. Straight Talk is suppose to be cheap and effective. You get it all for like $25/month. Or so say my students, lol! I have not checked it out yet...just heard about it yesterday. :)

  2. I remember using slide rulers and paper with pencils