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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Here’s where things get weird

Preppers have one eye on the future. Trends are studied. Possible threats are prepared for. For most things, most of the time, that works pretty well.

Every now and then something comes from left field, totally unexpected. How far out in left field can things get?

A few years back I was having a beer with an old high school buddy. He has a high security
clearance. My friend works for the space division of a well known aerospace company doing military projects. From out of the blue, he makes the statement: UFOs are real. That’s all he would say on the subject.

I’ve known this guy since I was a kid. If he says UFOs are real, as far as I’m concerned, they are real. He gave no hint if it was a secret government program, visitors from outer space, demons, time travelers, or trans dimensional beings. All I know for certain is that they are not the planet Venus, swamp gas, or weather balloons. They are real.

How do you prep for that? What do I know for sure? I know the government, for whatever reason, is hiding a big secret. Well, no big surprise there as governments love to keep secrets. What can a person do about such a weird yet vague threat? Just the fact that so much secrecy and misinformation surrounds the subject makes me suspicious. Good and beneficial things aren’t hidden. I’m assuming that whatever is behind UFOs is bad news.

What to do?

There aren’t a lot of UFO zapping cannon out there. (as far as I know). The most important preparation is mental. Have a flexible mind so that when high weirdness happens, you aren’t frozen in place. Don’t waste time telling yourself that what you see is impossible. Accept that something extremely outside of the box has happened and get moving. Doing anything is probably better than doing nothing.

People freeze up often enough when confronted by fairly normal yet rare events: a New England tornado, a hurricane out of season, flooding where none has ever happened before and so on. Imagine how they’d react to something truly weird. Don’t be that person. Accept high weirdness can happen.

UFOs are real.



  1. Of course they are real, just unidentified...

  2. Like I don't have enough to worry about.

  3. wioerd is just what normal humans ignore or deny to aknowledge...

    the so call alien ufos can be artificially built, organic grown, plasma spoofers, small remote probes, or military in origin...

    as for aliens amongst you....5th floor wright patterson hospital has a few there...

    elison has a few more, pease afb contains remains and captives...nothing is at area 51

    if scully read this, screw you and the osi

    having fun yet

  4. You two were at a bar, right? (grin)

  5. I have no doubt. Never saw one personally, but there's an awful lot of specks floating around in the sky just like the one we live on...

  6. Just a little reminder that the universe is a stranger place than we can imagine. Best to keep an open mind.