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Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

I never call the holiday the fourth of July. That’s just a date on the calendar. For me, it’s Independence Day, a time to remember when an oppressive government was overthrown by the people. Never forget.

Our annual Independence party celebration was held on Sunday this year. Many of our friends and family have to work today. Rain cut our expect crowd of 30+ people to about half that. They missed out on a fine time. Some of the guys rigged a large tarp over the outside bar, lit a roaring fire, and we were good to go.

After a couple hours, the rain stopped and the canoes, rowboats and sailboat hit the lake. There was swimming, good food, good drink and good company. Just before sunset, the sky cleared treating us to a spectacular sunset.

Once it got dark individuals launched fireworks out over the lake. Fireworks are legal in New Hampshire, and with all our recent rain lately, there was little danger of forest fire. Over the years there has developed an informal competition over who can put on the best display. Last night’s clear winner was the crew across the lake who put on a dramatic display for a good solid three hours.

Sometime today people who were driven home will wander back here to pick up their cars. I’ll have a strong pot of coffee going.

Hope everyone has a good Independence day and remembers those who fought for freedom and those who fight the good fight today.



  1. It is beginning to look like we may need another independece day. . . Fireworks are legal here in Texas also, except for this year. The fire hazard is way to high with this drought going on.

  2. We have Independents Day...celebrating Independence Day.

    The sheeple celebrate 4th of july
    fitting I suppose.

    Maybe time to declare a separation from them hmm