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Monday, July 11, 2011

Lake Umbagog

Lake Umbagog is a 9 mile long semi-wilderness lake that straddles the border between New Hampshire and Maine.

On Monday, my lovely wife and I launched the sailboat on the lake. My cousin joined us with his Scorpion sailboat. It’s similar to a sunfish. My wife and I were joined by my cousin’s girlfriend, my daughter and granddaughter. Of course, Brownie the sailor dog was also on board.
It was an absolutely beautiful day. Very few people out on the lake. We sailed the length of the lake and took a break on the far side. The wind was against us on the way back, so we tacked the whole length of the lake. We got back to the boat landing just before dark.



  1. (my lovely wife) comment all way bring a smile to my face.Makes me think of a blind date many years ago.Ever since then I have relied on my eyes.Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

  2. Gorgeous lake! I wish we had scenery like that around here, but all we got is sand dunes, grass, and scrub brush...

  3. It's a great lake. There are some others around much like it. Eagles, osprey and loons nest there. I've seen bear, moose and deer around the lake. Very few boats on the lake.

  4. Are there good fish in that lake? How deep is it? Great fresh water supply.

  5. There are good fish. Most of the lake is shallow. The average depth is only about 8 feet. However, there is a deep hole that is about 60 feet deep. The water is almost clean enough to drink without treatment. I run it though a MSR filter just to be sure. I left my big water jug on the truck by accident, so we refilled our drinking bottles using my filter.

    The shallow areas are mostly warm water species-pickerel, bass, perch, catfish, pike, but the deep area has cold water fish like trout.