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Monday, July 4, 2011

Night Sail

The lovely wife and I went for our first night sail on Independence Day. We wondered if anyone would be lighting fireworks on the lake. After the spectacular display on the 3rd, we thought everyone might be out. That wasn’t the case. The day before it was the cottage on the south side of the lake doing the major display. On the 4th, the west and north side appeared to be in competition. Good show.

We shared the lake with a large pontoon boat, well lit, and dark green canoe with no lights. Fortunately, the canoe stayed close to shore and didn’t stay on the lake very long. Since we were not actually trying to get anywhere, we only bothered raising the main sail. There was only enough wind to move us at minimum headway speed. That was fast enough for watching fireworks.

On the way back to our beach, the wind slowly died completely. The shore was only a few hundred feet away, but we weren’t going to get there on sail alone. After watching the stars a while, we put the sail away and I fired up the engine for the short trip in.

It was a nice end to the holiday.



  1. I love to canoe at night (fishing) and never keep lights on, but will shine a light if any other boat gets too close.

  2. I love sailing at night. Once made a trip to Baffin Bay and back, a little over 40 miles round trip in my old 12' AMF Puffer. I plan to do it again in my new boat...

  3. Nice! I decided to get my truck fixed. The estimate was reasonable. I'll be able to tow the boat to some large bodies of water again.

    My wife wants to be able to knock off some miles in the sailboat, so that will definitely require some night sailing to make it happen.