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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Philosophies and ideas, not organizations

Oppressive governments have gotten very good at dealing with opposition organizations. They infiltrate, monitor, corrupt, and subvert. Technologically adept agencies follow all communications and electronically spy on people.

So why are controlling police states falling across the world? We see the Arab Awakening, but revolution is breaking out all over. How is that even possible? Didn’t they have the opposition groups sufficiently suppressed?

Yes, they can squash individuals and groups, but they are much less successful suppressing ideas. Once the ideas have spread through the population, the people are ripe for change. When enough people start thinking the same way, a small spark can move them to action. The secret police are unable to decapitate the movement, because it has no head or a million heads.

If want a successful revolution, don’t form groups or political parties. Spread ideas, techniques, and philosophies -the ways and means of resistance. Right now, the Internet makes it easy to do so, but ideas have easily spread since the invention of the printing press. When you get right down to it, word of mouth can do the job. Whispers can win.



  1. Yes they can. But it takes time, a lot of time. meanwhile everybody will suffer a lot. In Serbia it took 10 years. Which were filled with bloody wars, economic sanctions, hyperinflation, nato bombing, dissolution of country etc.And in the end you can also question the usefulness of the whole revolution thing.
    Same as for people in Tunisia and other places n Arab world. They don't see any visible improvement since the revolution. It is a long, long process till they see some improvement...

  2. Things appear to have happened mostly in their own good time throughout history, though individual humans get a lot of retrospective credit. Maybe more credit than is justified.

    WWI, say, wasn't planned to happen. It just took a guy shooting an archduke and fate pulled out all the stops. Same's pretty much true of the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the post-WWII ends of most of the European empires.

    But it's also probably worth noting a lot of folks trying to make things happen before they were ready got themselves into a jar of pickles and found themselves somewhere they couldn't appreciate the outcomes when what they wanted came to pass.

    Ripe fruit falls mostly of its own accord.

  3. one good act or idea express to others might start a chain reaction that leads to whatever...

    like equal rights for example