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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Storm Brewing

Financial storm, that is. This whole debt ceiling debate has always had elements of theater. It’s like a bunch of street toughs waving their guns in each other’s faces, with no one really wanting to pull the trigger. Unfortunately, occasionally a gun goes off and it’s carnage in the streets.

I still believe a goodly number of Congress Critters are playing the game. However, some members really want to pull the trigger. Odds are they’ll kick the can down the road and put off really dealing with things, but there’s a less than zero chance someone will pull the trigger. Should that happen, it’ll be political blood in the streets.

There’s not really much of anything I can do about it all. Plenty of people have written and called their Congress Critter, and that doesn’t seem to have done much good. All I can do is treat it like a real storm. Today I took a bit of cash out of the bank and did a few groceries.

I did stock up on beer. If this goes down badly, I’ll want to crack open a cold one while the show goes on.



  1. All those things and more...

    I'm with Craig on help, we are on our own.

  2. It's beyond poor theater anymore. I wonder how many people have been tempted to shoot their TVs while watching some of the stunts.

  3. don't forget to stock up on popcorn and pretzels for the final show...



  4. I've got a third of a bottle of Jack Danials black been sitting over there since about a year ago keeping it for the right occasion. I'm hoping it will go bad before the occasion arises.