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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Blogging from the boat

My lovely wife and I are finally on our way. I can't believe all the stuff we crammed into a 19 foot boat.

We had a long day on the water. We are anchored at Anclote Bar, near Tarpon Springs Florida. Right now it offers good protection, but if the wind comes out of the East, it'll get bumpy. We are well anchored so I'm not worried.

The island is a good place to gather shells, walk the dog, and stretch our legs.

We've one neighbor spending the night in a trimaran.

I'm loving it!



  1. Looks like a beautiful place to spend a day or two!

  2. Isn't it wonderful being far away from society...

  3. Get that fishing pole out.Watch out for those jumping Tarpoms.

  4. Wishing you wonderful adventures.

  5. Enjoy your relaxing travels, and be safe.

  6. Indeed it is. If the anchorage was better, I'd spend more time there. Bouncy when the wind's from the east.