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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Still plugging away

The days have been warm and dry for this time of year in northern New Hampshire. It's perfect weather for working on the sailboat. With all the paints, varnish, and adhesives that go into boat maintenance and repair, that's a good thing.

I'm taking care of all the little things that annoyed me. The new shelves inside the boat are working out well. The marine radio is mounted at a much better angle and is easier to use. There' s a nice new depth finder up and running. The cabin light is in a better place. Lots of little things add up to big improvements.

While it doesn't compare to actually sailing the boat, puttering around on it has been pretty fun.

For all the work I've been doing on the boat, there's been very little spent on the project. This whole operation is pretty low budget.

My lovely wife has been planing our packing. The next time I'm in the boat I'm going to take measurements of all the storage compartments. That way she'll be able to figure out what goes where. On a tiny boat, organization is the key.

Working on the boat and imagining great days on the water, sure beats the heck out of thinking about the garbage on the news. Cheap therapy.



  1. That all sounds wonderful. And so much better than spending money on a bigger boat.
    But you knew I'd say that...

  2. Are you a sailor with carpentry skills or a woodworker with an unfinished project?


    1. I'm a big ape with opposable thumbs who someone taught to read. :) Everything flows from that. It's good to be a tool using animal.

  3. So when are you raising the anchor and heading for Florida?

    1. Oct. 10. We'll be taking our time, visiting friends and family along the way.

  4. Just saw this posting about weather bouts not being maintained due to shut down. Appears there are a few in Florida waters. Keep an eye on the weather.