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Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Yep, the government shut down, except for anything that would inconvenience anyone of substance. There will be plenty of suffering, but not at the high end of things. As usual, those who can least afford it will be the ones to suffer.

Now let's imagine if the government would really shut down. Stop paying the politicians and let's see how long it takes to sort out a budget.

Nope, it's just a teaser, political theater for special interest groups.

Instead of these partial pseudo shutdowns, why don't they shut everything down. Maybe it's time to give anarchy a shot. Anarchy, contrary to popular belief isn't necessarily chaos. People self organize without leaders all the time.

These faux shutdowns are teasers.



  1. Yeah, I figure they haven't even come close to everything that NEEDS shut down.

  2. Exactly!

    By the way, how come those who shut things down still get paid?

  3. I think its all a distraction from the new healthcare bill being implemented at same time.

  4. Anarchy just might work as nothing else seems to.

  5. Close up all Presidential library's. Give them to the children.
    close up Military Industrial Complex. Feds rent from them.All workers are housed by them.
    Close Federal Reserve .Its owned by Wall Street. TRUMP wants to be on federal raserve board.It will lose hischances.
    Close all Sky Boxes at football games.So big shots have to sit with the real people.
    Close Wall Street.The Politicians money will dry up.
    CLOSE the Politicians health care.Let them use VA Hospital.
    Close President.Let him join us.They are all kings.